A Brief History of California's Legendary Emerald Triangle

A Brief History of California's Legendary Emerald Triangle

In Northern California, hidden in canyons and tucked under the iconic Redwood canopies, lie three counties: Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity. Over the past several decades, this group of counties have famously come to be known for their diverse microclimate, specifically because of their ability in offering near perfect conditions to grow cannabis. An oasis of sorts, this area has come to grace a name known all over the world as The Emerald Triangle.

The Emerald Triangle has been known as a hub of prolific cannabis growth for generations. In the 1960s, a growing counterculture movement of young people predominantly from San Francisco decided to forego the city life and instead opted for the remote forests of Northern California. Growing cannabis was illegal at the time of this migration; however, many of these folks came to find that cultivating the crop created a useful means of financial support for themselves and their families. 

In the years that followed, people have continued to migrate to the area to grow cannabis. Overall, at least 20,000 cannabis cultivators populate The Emerald Triangle. In fact, the month of October, nicknamed “Croptober” by cannabis growers, sees a massive influx to the area as “trimmigrants” come from all over to harvest and process the season’s crop. This time of year is extremely busy throughout the Emerald Triangle as tons of cannabis are processed and prepared to be shipped out of the counties. 

The Emerald Triangle is perfect for cannabis growth. While outdoor grows can come with risks, as they are subject to external influences such as weather and bugs, The Emerald Triangle has produced some of the best grown cannabis in the world and produces more than anywhere else in the country.

Largely, the soil is highly conducive to growing exceptional cannabis. Furthermore, the microclimate is also incredibly important to production. The Emerald Triangle receives adequate levels of rain and sun as well as ideal wind and soil conditions. Furthermore, the Emerald Triangle’s climate of hot days and cool nights in the summer, as well as cool winters recharge the land. All of these things coincide to produce high quality cannabis grown outdoors.

Cannabis grows prolifically in the area with some accounts documenting nearly $1 billion in cannabis produced every year. The Emerald Triangle has seen a rich history of cannabis growth with top-grade cannabis originating from the area. As a result, over the years, the Emerald Triangle has produced dozens of diverse strains.

Mendocino and Humboldt County Weed Cannabis Tours

The cannabis cultivators of the Emerald Triangle know that the climate is nearly ideal for outdoor cannabis production, much like Napa Valley has prime conditions for vineyards. Therefore, many native growers have worked hard to preserve the lands and keep away from utilizing harsh chemicals and pesticides. This method helps to keep the soil in pristine condition and maximizes grow potential. The outdoor grows of The Emerald Triangle are so coveted that in places like Humboldt County, some grows create a stamp that allows consumers to know that their cannabis is “Humboldt Grown.” 

Much like the rest of California, the Emerald triangle has seen change since legalization. At Emerald Farm Tours we wanted to see what that change looks like up close and personal. Emerald Farm Tours hosts exclusive harvest tours in Mendocino county. The annual all-inclusive, overnight harvest tour Taste, Sip & Smoke™ is set to take place November 1-3, 2019.

Cannabis history is vital as this industry continues to take root. It is essential that we learn the experiences that cannabis veterans have endured and the lessons they have learned. Join us as we get an even deeper perspective on the roots of the Emerald Triangle and learn more about some of the finest cannabis in the world.