The Emerald Farm Tours Team

Emerald Farm Tours was founded in 2018 by cannabis industry veteran Victor Pinho. With over 20 years in the cannabis industry, Victor's expertise and unique background provide his tour groups with a true insider's perspective on the industry.

Our Mission

Emerald Farm Tours is dedicated to providing you an unforgettable look into the burgeoning California cannabis businesses that are pioneering our industry. 

"Simply put, we're motivated by our love for cannabis, and we are proud to share with you some of the things that make California's cannabis culture remarkably unique."

Though our service may be new, we're 100% committed to professionalism, driven by quality and always strive to provide world-class customer service. The small size of our tours and our relentless attention to detail allow us to focus on crafting a personalized, memorable and truly enjoyable experience. This is how we differentiate from the rest of the competition and establish Emerald Farm Tours as California's premier cannabis tourism and events company.

Our Core Values

We believe the road we travel is determined by our values. We strive to always embody the following:


We provide an authentic experience of California’s renowned cannabis culture; We engage guests with their desired adventure, catered to their relevant experience with cannabis; We encourage local growth by sharing our region’s part of a fast-growing, global movement.


We create awareness of California’s unique cannabis culture, preserving and protecting its heritage; We educate guests about the history of prohibition and legalization of cannabis in California; We encourage consumers to vote with their dollar.


We advocate for sensible cannabis policy and criminal justice reform; We support independently owned and operated businesses with a conscious, community involvement focus; We cooperate to create an equitable and responsible cannabis industry in California for all.


We deliver friendly, personalized service and exceptional hospitality; We create alliances and networks of like-minded businesses and individuals throughout the cannabis industry; We focus on integrity, respect, and professionalism as chief operating principles.

Let us be your guides on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through California's legal marijuana landscape and walk away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for this incredible plant.

About Emerald Farm Tours