High On Tour Podcast

High On Tour Podcast with Victor Pinho and April Black


Every year, millions of global travelers flock to California in search of the world’s finest cannabis. For cannabis industry legends – Victor Pinho & April Black – the job may sound simple: Get these travelers very high and show them a great time!

It’s not always as easy as you’d think.

Join your heady hosts and cannabis tour guides – Victor Pinho (Emerald Farm Tours) & April Black (Higher Way Travel) – as we spend an hour each episode trimming back the storied nuggets of life in the weed tourism game. We’ll be interviewing our friends, colleagues, and cannabis tourism legends across the globe.

So get on-board the weed bus, buckle up, and as always … smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! You’re about to get “HIGH ON TOUR” with Victor Pinho & April Black!


VICTOR PINHO | Emerald Farm Tours | San Francisco, CA

Victor has been advocating for sensible cannabis policy and legalization of weed for 20 years. Starting with his work on policy work on K Street working for the Outreach Team at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Victor began following his passion and desire to see through the legalization of marijuana wherever he went. He is an important early figure in the legalization movement in home state of New Jersey. Victor has held many important roles across the cannabis industry, including the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Berkeley Patients Group - the nation’s oldest cannabis dispensary. Victor’s passion for marketing cannabis led him to hold the title of California Director for the Cannabis Marketing Association, as well as Marketing Director for the Dark Heart Nursery, California’s largest and most respected purveyor of cannabis clones and genetics. In 2018, Victor made a huge splash on the California travel scene when he co-founded Emerald Farm Tours, a first-of-its-kind cannabis tourism and events company. Victor continues to lead thousands of global tourists on cannabis tours across Northern California.

Victor continues to lead the industry through his work with Emerald Farm Tours and is available for consultative opportunities in the cannabis industry, with a specific focus on tours, events, and experiential marketing.

Follow Victor Pinho and Emerald Farm Tours on Instagram: @emeraldfarmtours

APRIL BLACK | Higher Way Travel | Paso Robles, CA

Often dubbed the ”Queen of Cannabis Travel,” April Black has been planning, promoting, and hosting cannabis themed travel experiences longer than anyone else in the business. April is a licensed travel agent that tirelessly works to bring incredible cannabis tourism adventures to life for world-renowned cannabis brands like High Times and her own Higher Way Health Retreat series. A pioneer of global, cannabis-themed tours and excursions, April has made a name for herself leading American tourists through the Netherlands for the many annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup® events. April was also the first travel agent booking cannabis retreats at Coral Cove Resort in Jamaica. Today, April continues to assist the cannabis-enthusiastic traveler in tracking down and planning the most incredible, custom cannabis tours and experiences. Her wellness events are curated with the highest regard for her guests and are seen as best-in-class for cannabis wellness retreats. April Black is a lifelong pot activist, backyard gardener, and all-out travel lover – a true OG in every sense of the term.

Follow April Black and Higher Way Travel on Instagram: @higherwaytravel