Treat Yourself to a Cannabis-Infused Valentine’s Day

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Treat Yourself to a Cannabis-Infused Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re celebrating your significant other(s), your pals, or just your wonderful old self, Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to get mushy and spread the love. Of course, Valentine’s Day looks a little different depending on who you ask. Some say it’s strictly for getting chocolates and stuffed bears while others would argue it’s the perfect day to get engaged.

We’re not up to judging how people spend Valentine’s Day, but we think all of these lovey-dovey celebrations could be even better with a little added green. Let’s check out some fun ways to infuse this Valentine’s Day with cannabis.

Wake & Bake: Get your Valentine’s Day off to a great start with that special someone (even if it’s you) with a nice breakfast bowl in bed. It’ll give you that morning boost you need to start your love fest off right.

Create: Art is incredible. It helps us feel connected to ourselves, to those around us, and to our environment. One great way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day would be to get your creative juices flowing. Sit with that special person in your life, spark a J, and put on a nice tune. Draw. Paint. Write. Dance. Get in touch with your body’s movement (hands, feet, or just your brain), flow with yourself (and loved ones), and make something beautiful.

Go to the Museum: Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood to create. No worries! There are so many other ways to enjoy your cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day. Consider taking a trip to the museum. Stock up on some edibles, go in and be immersed in culture. Ever been stoney baloney at an art museum? It’s the experience of a lifetime, especially when you share it with someone special. 

Soak It In: Say you don’t really want to go out. That’s cool too. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a mini spa day. Draw up a warm bath, light some candles, and grab your favorite piece. A nice added touch could be a cannabis or CBD infused bath bomb to add into the mix. Soak it all in and relax.

The Traditional Chocolates and Flowers: We’re totally down with some chocolate and flowers, so for those craving a good old box of chocolate, why not make them cannabis chocolates this year? Keep up with the tradition of a grade A box of chocolates but get toasted with that special someone. And don’t forget the flowers. A cannabis bouquet is a nice touch and really diversifies the flower choice of a typical bouquet. Just add nug!

Romantic Dinner Date: For the romantic souls looking to get their grub on, cook up some delicious plates to get fancy this Valentine’s Day. You could pair it with your favorite strain-- or whichever you have lying around, we won’t judge. We also recommend infusing cannabis directly into your meal, which could make for all kinds of interesting table discussions. Too high to use the stove? Takeout is always an option.

Inhale the Smoke, Exhale the Stress: One of the best things to do while high is to take a nature walk. Take a stroll on a nearby trail or go to a bird watching spot, and don’t forget the blunt. If it’s too cold to go outside, turn on some nice nature sounds, get comfortable, and meditate.

Tasting One, Two: We’ve been thinking, and lately a dab tasting sesh sounds perfect to us. Pre Valentine’s Day, stock up on some quality dabs and hold a dab tasting with your partner(s). You can make it fun and have a game to see who can guess the strain correctly or vote on which one tastes the best! Sounds pretty great to us. 

An EFT Cannabis Tour is Always on the Table: We’re just sayin’.