Weed-Filled Weekend Wonder Tours: Choose-Your-Own NorCal Adventure!

Weed-Filled Weekend Wonder Tours: Choose-Your-Own NorCal Adventure!

The weather the last few weeks has been achingly beautiful, inspiring quarantine-induced wanderlust in Emerald Farm Tours’ own Victor Pinho. He’s been hitting historic California Highway 1 and beyond in search of the perfectly curated adventure to provide you cooped-up stoners with some enticing summer fun. The result of these excursions? A world-class, one-of-a-kind, choose-your-own-adventure, weed-filled weekend wonder tour! 

While we love the heck out of our day trips and walking tours, in the age of COVID-19 they aren’t momentarily feasible. Coronavirus is a pain in the behind, but it’s also meant re-evaluating what cool weed tour things we CAN offer outside of the San Francisco Bay area. Allow us to explain: pack your bags, roll up a fatty, and meet us in NorCal. 


Victor created the Waves, Woods & Weed Tour with an emphasis on delicious food, beautiful locales and scrumptious cannabis culture. Check out the Multi-Day Adventure Tours page for details regarding potential options, like hanging out with cannabis industry pioneers, taking hikes among the Redwoods and/or glamping among cannabis plants. 


Also, know this: Victor is always out to blow your freakin’ mind. When planning your trip, Victor will craft the best trip possible based on what you’re into and go through a list of preferences to help tailor the experience. But the thing is, even if you plan what you think is the coolest, most spectacular tour agenda possible — Victor will accommodate extra awesome things that’ll knock your socks off. It’s that kind of a trip, and he’s that kind of guy.

Worried about the state of the pandemic? At Emerald Farms Tours we continue to value your safety above all else. We’ll be implementing best recommended practices following the U.S. Travel Association’s Health and Safety Guidelines, and are happy to answer any questions you have around the topic. Just send us a message at booking@emeraldfarmtours.com

Keep scrolling down for a dank little teaser of some choices you could make as you plot your quarantine escape into the NorCal cannabis BudBasket.


Epic oceanside promontory views at Shelter Cove await the weekend weed adventurer.



Perhaps you fancy a frolic among the epic Redwood foliage in the Avenue of Giants?


Let’s be real — it’s the reason you’re extra pumped for this experience!

See more of the spots Victor’s been scoping on the EFT Instagram, @emeraldfarmtours.


As a welcome-back bonus for prior customers, we’re also thrilled to offer a 10% discount on this custom Emerald Triangle cannabis tour for a limited time.


For now, we’ll leave you with a dose of nostalgia for pre-facemask days of touring with Emerald Farm Tours:

If you have any questions, are ready to book a tour or just want to say hey, don’t hesitate to drop EFT a line at 1-866-216-9970, or send an email to booking@emeraldfarmtours.com.

Stay healthy out there friends, and we’ll see you very soon!