North Beach Pizza & Pot Tour

Get HIGH and EAT at your way through San Francisco's iconic North Beach neighborhood

Join us on the "Pizza & Pot Tour" by Emerald Farm Tours for an unforgettable exploration of San Francisco's vibrant North Beach neighborhood, where we blend the best of cannabis and cuisine for an experience like no other!

Tour Highlights:

Pioneering Cannabis Culture

Your journey begins with a warm welcome to the heart of North Beach, where we'll delve into the fascinating history of cannabis in California, its evolution, and the role it has played in the counterculture movement. We'll kick things off with a visit to a local cannabis dispensary, where you'll learn about the different strains and consumption methods.

Pizza Perfection

What's better than cannabis? Well, how about some mouthwatering pizza! You'll savor slices from one of North Beach's legendary pizzerias, enjoying the perfect marriage of flavors and aromas.

Scenic Strolls

As we wander through the charming streets of North Beach, your guide will regale you with stories of the Beat Generation, local legends, and hidden gems that make this neighborhood so unique.

Elevated Conversations

Throughout the tour, we'll engage in relaxed and informative discussions about the cannabis industry, its future, and how it has shaped the San Francisco Bay Area.

Souvenirs & Discounts

As a special treat, you'll receive exclusive discounts at our partner establishments, ensuring your love for cannabis and North Beach continues long after the tour ends.

Our "Pizza & Pot Tour" is not just a cannabis adventure; it's a cultural journey through North Beach, celebrating the intersection of cannabis, creativity, and community. Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur or a curious explorer, come hungry for knowledge, great pizza, and good company. Reserve your spot now for a high-spirited exploration of San Francisco's cannabis culture with Emerald Farm Tours!

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