Snack Your Way Through SF’s North Beach on a Pot and Pizza Walking Tour

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Snack Your Way Through SF’s North Beach on a Pot and Pizza Walking Tour

One of the best ways to get to know any city is on foot so you can experience the sights, smells, and sounds firsthand. San Francisco, with its reputation for vibrant arts and culture, is no different. Emerald Farm Tours offers outstanding weed walking tours of San Francisco’s bustling neighborhoods, including a pot and pizza walking tour of North Beach. 

A Pot and Pizza Tour of San Francisco?

You read that right! The pizza and pot tour is one of Emerald Farm Tours' most popular walking tours of San Francisco, for good reason — who doesn’t love pizza and weed? Today, we’ll give you a sneak peek of some things you can expect on the tour — though you’ll have to visit us in person to get the complete experience! 

North Beach in San Francisco


Visit North Beach in SF

On the pizza and pot tour, a local guide will lead you through the streets of North Beach, one of San Francisco’s iconic neighborhoods. As you walk, enjoy some local weed, and experience what San Francisco offers, your guide will tell you all about the area's rich and exciting history. 

Learn About the Beat Generation in San Francisco

The Beat Generation was a countercultural literary movement that took off in the 1950s. San Francisco was its unofficial capital. Your guide will tell you about the people, places, and ideas that made North Beach one of the most important neighborhoods for the Beat Generation — and how the movement ties into the rich history of cannabis in San Francisco, too. If you want to learn more about the Beat Generation once the tour is over, you’ll already be in the neighborhood of the Beat Museum and a short trip away from City Lights bookstore

Try the Best Pizza in SF

North Beach is also one of the largest and most vibrant Italian-American neighborhoods in San Francisco. It’s home to a rich cultural heritage — which you can learn more about after the tour at San Francisco’s Museo Italo Americano — and some of the most delicious Italian food on the West Coast. During the tour, you will stop at one of the best pizzerias in the Bay Area and learn a bit about the neighborhood’s history. 

If the pizza doesn’t satisfy your munchies, your local guide will be more than happy to give you more recommendations after the tour. Did someone say gelato?


A hand passes a joint on a dock overlooking water


Connect with the San Francisco Cannabis Community

Taking a walk with Emerald Farm Tours is a great way to connect with the cannabis culture and industry in San Francisco, too. The city and surrounding area have greatly contributed to the country’s cannabis industry. On our tours, you will be lucky enough to learn about this firsthand from a local guide actively involved in the industry. They’ll tell you about the history of the city’s cannabis scene, update you on what’s going on this season, and provide recommendations about how to best enjoy San Francisco cannabis.


A green, leafy vine wall with a neon sign reading 'Quality Drugs' is in a cannabis dispensary


Get Dispensary Discounts in North Beach

At the beginning of the tour, your guide will take you to one of the best dispensaries in San Francisco. Here, you can ask questions and get recommendations about which products will pair well with the pizza at the next stop on your tour. As a member of an Emerald Farm Tours tour group, you’ll get exclusive discounts at the dispensary, too. The only thing better than weed and pizza is getting a discount on weed and pizza! 

Experience San Francisco Like a Local with Emerald Farm Tours

With Emerald Farm Tours, you’ll get to experience San Francisco firsthand. After spending your afternoon with us, you’ll leave with knowledge about weed in San Francisco, some awesome dispensary products, and, in this case, a belly full of pizza. Visit us online today to book a specialized San Francisco cannabis walk with Emerald Farm Tours