Summer 2024's Top California Weed Tours for Vacationing Tokers

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Summer 2024's Top California Weed Tours for Vacationing Tokers

Have you already planned where you’ll be going for vacation this summer? If you’re considering heading to the West Coast, Emerald Farm Tours has all the fun activities you need for an unforgettable cannabis vacation in 2024. 

When is the Best Time to Take a Cannabis Tour?

At Emerald Farm Tours, we believe the best way to get to know a city you’re in is to get up close and personal. Walking tours are a great way to do that! San Francisco has famously temperate weather, so summer and fall are great times to visit the Bay Area and Northern California

5 Fun San Francisco Cannabis Tours to Take this Summer

Whether you’re the type of person who plans out every minute of their vacation or the type to sit back and relax, Emerald Farm Tours has an experience for you. 


a view of the golden gate bridge from the top of a hill


For the Caffeinated Cannabis Connoisseur: The Fisherman’s Wharf Cannabis and Coffee Tour

If you like coffee, cannabis, and a good wake and bake, Emerald Farm Tours’ Fisherman’s Wharf Cannabis Tour is perfect. 

Over the course of a couple of hours, you will enjoy a cup of coffee from an iconic cafe, learn about San Francisco’s cannabis community, and visit a nearby dispensary. After the tour, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, a picturesque bayside area known for its food, shopping, and entertainment options. Your tour guide can point you to some excellent ways to spend the rest of your afternoon on the pier. 

Take a Chill Cannabis Tour: The Market Street Cannabis Lounge Crawl

Market Street is one of the most iconic places in San Francisco — and one of the most centrally located spots for further adventures. 

On the Emerald Farm Tours Market Street Cannabis Lounge Crawl, you will visit two of the city's best dispensaries and consumption lounges while taking a leisurely stroll down the iconic street. You’ll get exclusive discounts at the dispensaries as a member of an Emerald Farm Tours group, too. 

For the Cannabis Historians: The Castro District Cannabis History Tour

If you like your cannabis with a side of education and activism, you’ll love Emerald Farm Tours’ Castro District Cannabis History Tour

This guided tour will take you through the historic Castro District of San Francisco, where your guide will tell you how San Francisco’s LGBT+ community was instrumental in starting the medical marijuana movement. After the tour, there’s plenty to do in the area, whether you want to catch some world-class entertainment or shop at cozy LGBT-owned businesses. 

Get a Quick Quintessential San Francisco Experience: The Presidio Pot Tour

If you only have a few hours but want a well-rounded overview of San Francisco and the city’s cannabis culture, Emerald Farm Tours’ Presidio Pot Tour will hit the spot. 

On this tour, you’ll experience arts, nature, and great snacks in the Marina District of San Francisco. Led by a knowledgeable local tour guide, you will learn about the rich history of the Bay Area’s cannabis industry and get a picturesque view of The Golden Gate Bridge — or Karl the Fog, depending on the weather!

For the Foodie: The North Beach Cannabis Tour

The Emerald Farm Tours North Beach Cannabis Tour is designed with the munchies in mind. 

On this tour, you’ll walk through the North Beach neighborhood, the birthplace of the Beat Generation and the heart of San Francisco’s Italian-American history. While seeing the sights and learning about the rich history of counterculture in the area, you will visit a local dispensary and try some of the city’s best pizza. This bustling neighborhood has plenty of things to do once the tour is over, too, whether you’re in the mood to browse the iconic City Lights bookstore or chill out with a scoop or two of gelato. 

2 Incredible Summer Weed and Wine Two-Day Tours 

While most Emerald Farm tours only take a few hours, we offer two all-day tours to satisfy the most adventurous cannabis connoisseurs. 


a large field of green plants under a blue sky


For the Nature Lover: The Anderson Valley Weed, Wine and Wilderness Tour

On Emerald Farm Tours’ Weed, Wine & Wilderness Anderson Valley Tour, you will take a scenic drive up the beautiful Highway 101, enjoy a picnic lunch and wine tasting in a town that locals know as the California wine country’s best-kept secret, tour a working cannabis farm, stroll through the Redwoods, and visit a top-notch dispensary. 

For the Complete Northern California Experience: The Weed, Wine, & Waves Mendocino Coast Tour

There’s so much to see in the Northern California cannabis industry that it’s hard to fit it all into one tour, but we’ve done our best to do so with the Emerald Farm Tours Mendocino County Weed, Wine, & Waves tour

On this tour, you’ll relax and take in the sights as we travel up Highway 101 and the Pacific Coast Highway, partake in a picnic lunch and wine tasting at one of the area’s best little-known vineyards, visit a working cannabis farm, walk through the awe-inspiring Redwood Forest, enjoy a delicious dinner, spend the night in a quaint cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast on the picturesque Mendocino Coast, and more. 

Book Summer 2024 Cannabis Tours Today With Emerald Farm Tours

Whether it's your first trip to San Francisco or a local seeking a new perspective on your city, Emerald Farm Tours' guides are all local cannabis industry experts who will help you make the most of your cannabis experience and your time in and around San Francisco. 

Summer 2024 is the perfect time for a cannabis tour in Northern California, and Emerald Farm Tours’ availability fills up fast. Book early to reserve your spot with the Bay Area’s best cannabis tour group.