Weed on Wheels: Exploring California in a Pot Party Bus

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Weed on Wheels: Exploring California in a Pot Party Bus

The Bay Area is known for so many things: vibrant arts and culture, world-class food and wine, iconic natural and manmade landmarks, and some of the best cannabis that the United States has to offer. How can you possibly see it all?

The team at Emerald Farm Tours loves San Francisco and the surrounding area, and we’re passionate about helping you see just what makes this spot so special. Our walking tours are a great way to get a taste (literally) of what the city has to offer, but if you really want to experience cannabis culture in the Bay Area, you need to take one of our cannabis bus adventures

What is a Pot Party Bus?

A pot party bus is just like any other party bus, but for weed. Emerald Farm Tours’ cannabis party busses will take you to cannabis-friendly locations, events, and activities around the Bay Area. 

What Kinds of Cannabis Bus Tours Does Emerald Farm Tours Offer?

Emerald Farm Tours offers some of the country’s premiere cannabis tours, from short walking tours around one of San Francisco’s vibrant neighborhoods to multi-day expeditions into Northern California. These bus tours are some of our most popular. 

The Anderson Valley Weed, Wine, & Wilderness Tour

Anderson Valley is known as one of the hidden treasures of California wine country. Its picturesque scenery and small-town vibe set it apart from most other wine-producing regions in the area. 

Our Wine, Wilderness & Weed tour will take you through Anderson Valley, where we’ll stop at a winery, taste some wines, and enjoy a picnic lunch. The tour continues into the heart of the Bay Area’s cannabis country, where you will get to tour a working cannabis farm and try some of the best weed that the area has to offer. You’ll cap the day off with a relaxing walk through the stunning Redwood Forest. 

This tour departs from and returns to San Francisco, so on the way there and back, you’ll get to relax on board a comfortable tour bus and take in the sweeping vistas up and down California’s iconic Highway 101. 

See the Mendocino Coast on the Weed, Wine, & Waves Tour

Mendocino County is also an iconic spot for California wine and weed production (Mendocino Purps, anyone?). On the Emerald Farm Tours Weed, Wine & Waves tour, you’ll take a trip through the heart of the Bay Area, riding in a comfortable cannabis tour bus and watching Highway 101 and the Pacific Coast Highway roll by. 

We’ll stop for a picnic lunch and wine tasting at one of Northern California’s best little-known wineries and continue up the coast to take a complete tour of a working cannabis farm. You’ll wander through the Redwoods with a knowledgeable local host and enjoy exclusive tour discounts at one of Northern California’s most beautiful dispensaries. 

The first day of the tour will close at a picturesque seaside town in Mendocino County, where you’ll delight in a delicious local dinner and stay the night at a cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast. The next day, we’ll make our leisurely way back down the coast to San Francisco. 

What Are the Benefits of Weed Bus Tours?

There are so many great things about Emerald Farm Tours pot party bus tours that we couldn’t possibly cover them all in one blog post, but here are a few things that our customers rave about most consistently. 

See More of the Bay Area Cannabis Community

The California Bay Area is known for its rich connection to U.S. cannabis industry and culture. With so much to see, do, learn (and smoke!), it can be hard to even scratch the surface. Emerald Farm Tours bus tours allow you to dive into the Bay Area cannabis community, exploring more than you possibly would be able to otherwise. 

Enjoy Cannabis Activities Without Stressing Over the Details

On Emerald Farm Tours cannabis bus tours, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride without worrying about details like transportation or meals. Once you book the tour, the hardest part is done! You’ll be able to go with the flow and enjoy the experience, whether you’re on vacation or a local taking a day trip. Just show up for the party bus on time and enjoy the view. 

What is a Mobile Cannabis Lounge?

You might have also seen that we offer a mobile cannabis lounge. What’s the difference between that and the bus tours?

Our mobile consumption lounge is a vintage bus fully outfitted as a luxurious, eclectic consumption lounge. The most significant difference between this lounge and the bus tours is that the lounge comes to you. We’ll drive the lounge to your venue, and you and your guests can consume cannabis in comfort. After the event, we’ll clean up and be on our way.

The mobile cannabis consumption lounge is great for company and brand events, holiday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and more, but it won’t take you all over the Bay Area like our bus tours. 

Curate the Best Weed Events in SF With Emerald Farm Tours

Whether you want to see the San Francisco cannabis industry by foot, by bus, or have the cannabis come to you with our mobile consumption lounge, Emerald Farm Tours is the home of the best weed activities and tours in the Bay Area. Spots fill up fast, so book a tour or private event with Cannabis Farm Tours today.