10 Creative and Discreet Ways to Consume Cannabis on New Year's Eve

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10 Creative and Discreet Ways to Consume Cannabis on New Year's Eve

You know that the crew at Emerald Farm Tours will take any opportunity to celebrate with cannabis. Valentine’s Day, 4/20, weddings, you name it — a little weed can improve any event. New Year’s Eve is no exception! Here are a few of our favorite products from the past year to help you have a high and happy New Year’s. 

Be Ready for Anything in 2024 with a Multifunctional Vape
The EVRI from Dip Devices in green

If you’re unsure what your New Year’s Eve celebrations will bring, you can’t beat the EVRI from Dip Devices. This multifunctional vaporizer is compatible with concentrates and multiple different types of carts. It can even be attached to a glass piece for a smooth and temperature-controlled rip of whatever kind of cannabis is on the menu. The EVRI is excellent if you’re ringing in the new year with a big group of people since it’s small enough to be discreet, powerful enough to get the job done, and customizable enough to suit everyone’s tastes. 

Pack Stylish and Smell-Proof Storage Solutions on NYE

Staze's day tripper bundle features a smell-proof cannabis storage jar and an insert made to hold a few joints

 Ring in the New Year with fresh flavor and discreet vibes thanks to Staze's Day Tripper Bundle. This dynamic duo combines the Staze Preserve, a sleek, smell-proof container with a built-in vacuum pump, and The Joint Holder, a stylish and eco-friendly pre-roll organizer made from agave. The Preserve's ingenious vacuum pump preserves terpenes and locks in aromas, while the waterproof, UV-protected design ensures your goodies stay protected. Keep your New Year's stash fresh and discreet wherever the night takes you. 

Switch Between Flower and Concentrates While the Ball Drops 

Celsius vaporizer from AUXO

Are you looking for a versatile vape that can handle both dabs and flower? Your search is over — the Celsius vape from AUXO fits the bill. This mighty handheld vaporizer is compatible with dry herb and concentrates, allowing you to choose your experience or mix things up this New Year’s Eve. The sleek form and impressive functionality will impress everyone you’re smoking with on December 31, and the fast-charging, high-capacity battery means you can share multiple seshes with your friends straight through to January 1. 

Dab into the New Year With the Highest-Quality Concentrates


Various concentrate cartridges from The Clear's Elite Line


You can’t beat The Clear’s Elite distillates if you need something to pair with your EVRI or Celsius this New Year’s Eve. With all-in-one, vape cartridge and syringe options, there’s a form factor for every type of dabber. Try the carts with your EVRI or a syringe with your Celsius — or opt for the all-in-one disposable vape for a convenient and discrete dab pen that you can bring to any New Year’s Eve event. These concentrates contain more than 85% pure cannabinoids for an experience that’s potent enough for even the most seasoned stoners.  

Ring in the 2024 by Puff, Puff, Passing on a Dry Herb Vape


A black Atomic9 dry herb vaporizer

If flower is more your speed, you need the Atomic9 from Cloudious9 to complete your New Year’s Eve plans. This palm-sized dry herb vape is the most affordable and conveniently sized convection vaporizer on the market. The Atomic9 is easy to use and has a long battery life, so you can switch between an uplifting cultivar to keep you partying until the countdown and a chilled-out strain to watch the fireworks when the ball drops at midnight. 

Snack on Cannabis-Infused Edibles for Late-Night NYE Munchies


Vivimu's peanut butter bites in an orange and green bag


Some New Year’s Eve events call for keeping your cannabis consumption on the down-low. Edibles from Vivimu are an excellent bet for a discreet cannabis option that will keep you buzzing all night long. We love their D9 peanut butter chocolate bites — they’re individually wrapped for convenience and are so delicious that they feel like a New Year’s treat. 

Enjoy On-the-Go Finesse with Precise Temp and Battery Control


The CCELL Fino vape, with tan carrying case and built-in battery bank


Forget scrambling for outlets and worrying about dead dab vape batteries this New Year's Eve. Upgrade your concentrate enjoyment with the CCELL Fino, a sleek and discreet dab vape that offers ultimate convenience, exceptional control, and powerful performance. This pocket-sized powerhouse offers flavor and potency on demand, with eight precise voltage settings that let you dial in your ideal dab, unlocking nuanced flavors and thick, satisfying clouds.

Dab Concentrates Easily and Conveniently While Toasting 2024 

A Dablicator is removed from a colorful fanny pack


Skip the sticky fingers and clumsy dabs on New Year's Eve. Introduce concentrate-loving friends to the Dablicator, a sleek and discreet way to enjoy dabs. Think of it as the ultimate dose-meister: a sleek applicator filled with top-notch concentrates from trusted brands like Theory Wellness on the East Coast or Jetty Extracts on the West Coast. Just twist, click, and push for a perfectly measured dab to keep you toasted and mess-free this New Year’s Eve.

Throw the Party of the Year in 2024 With Cannabis Bar Services

Cannabis Bar Services with three jars of cannabis on a bar overlooking a gorgeous mountainous sunset

You can opt to make cannabis the star of your next New Year’s party. Hiring a weed bar for your next celebration is a great way to include cannabis in the festivities. You can curate a menu to match your event, and professional mobile budtenders will ensure everyone has a perfectly elevated experience. Why not make your first party of 2024 an event to remember with a full-service cannabis bar? 

Serve Up Canna-Cocktails All Night Long


D8 Flight Heavy Hitter Delta 9 Syrup (1000mg)

This New Year’s Eve, forget the champagne and serve cannabis cocktails instead. We’re no strangers to weed and wine pairings at Emerald Farm Tours, so why not combine the two ideas with a cocktail that will get you stoned? You can add this D9 syrup from Vape Markdowns to any drink — the six flavors are delicious enough to mix with pure sparkling water, or you can use them to create your own signature New Year’s cocktail. 

End 2023 on a High Note With These Awesome Cannabis Products

Whether attending a massive New Year’s Eve event or partying with your closest friends, these awesome cannabis products can help make the night more memorable. From all of us here at Emerald Farm Tours, we hope you had a great 2023 and wish you a safe, happy and healthy 2024!